Should my South Riding, VA home water be tested

If you’re like most residents in South Riding, Virginia, you’ve probably never given your drinking water much thought.

If you’re like most residents in South Riding, Virginia, you’ve probably never given your drinking water much thought. You may have never considered the question, “Should My South Riding, VA, Home Water Be Tested?”.

As a leading water testing laboratory in the area, we would like to warn you that overlooking the safety and quality of your drinking water might prove very risky for everyone who consumes Are you wondering why we are telling you this?

This is because as a leading water testing laboratory in the region, we know that most people are under the impression that it is the responsibility of the local government to ensure that the water they get is safe to drink. However, this is not completely true. You should remember that the city officials entrusted with this duty have a fairly nebulous definition of “safe.” When they say their water is “safe,” they imply it won’t kill you if you drink it. 

For instance, you may interrogate a resident of the city of Flint, Michigan. Even though the media has only reported a water contamination incident in Flint, it would be wrong to assume that it is a rare case and has happened only in Flint.

That is to say, you shouldn’t blindly trust the people in charge of your home’s water supply. In other words, you need to decide whether you are ready to put your family’s health in such significant danger, even if municipal staff is performing their duty as they should be.

As per experts, water tests that confirm the safety and quality of your household water supply should be conducted at least once a year. A major advantage of carrying out water tests annually on the water you consume daily is that, in such a case, you can compare this year’s findings to those from past years and see how the quality of your drinking water has changed over time, 

If you are still wondering, “Should My South Riding, VA, Home Water Be Tested?” please read on to learn more about the various types of water tests we provide and how these tests can ensure you and your family consume only contaminant-free water. As the premier water testing facility in the area, we offer comprehensive services to assess water quality and safety. Here are more details about each type of water testing.

Tests to Determine Water Quality 

Those who have traveled a lot in the United States may know that water quality varies throughout the country. For example, water in certain areas may be of good quality, whereas in some other regions, water quality might be below par. 

Here are the major water quality tests we offer:


Are reddish-brown rings forming around your sinks, toilet, and bathtub? If so, this can be due to the presence of iron in your tap water. This test might help you determine whether high iron levels in your water supply are the root of your water issues.


Too much manganese, like too much iron, in your home’s water supply may stain plumbing fixtures like sinks, tubs, and toilets. Carrying out a manganese test would be useful in this situation.


If the water in your home has a stench like rotten eggs, you may have sulfates in your water. In cases like these, a sulfate test can assist you in confirming whether sulfates are present in your water.

pH Levels

High or low pH levels in your home’s water supply may lead to pipe corrosion, which can introduce potentially dangerous compounds into the water supply and alter the water’s flavor.

Water Hardness

The hardness of the water is a common issue for many people. It stops soap from lathering properly and leaves an unpleasant, scaly film in the bathroom. In cases like these, a water hardness test will help.

Dissolved Solids 

While small amounts of minerals found in water may have positive health effects, consuming too much of these may be unpleasant. A test for dissolved solids may be used to determine mineral concentrations in your water.

Tests to Determine Water Quality 


The water poisoning disaster in Flint, Michigan, made national news because the river that provided most of the city’s drinking water was contaminated with lead. Do you know that lead exposure can also happen when you live in an older home with lead pipes? Whatever the reason, if you want to know whether your household water contains lead, you need to do a lead test.


If you live in a rural location with a lot of agricultural activity, there is a considerable probability that your water supply has a high nitrate concentration. This is why it’s crucial to check the water in these places for nitrates before drinking it.

Coliform Bacteria

Suppose you become sick from drinking water from your tap with a high total coliform bacteria count. One of the most common mistakes people commit in such situations is consulting a doctor and starting on prescribed medications as soon as they see the early symptoms of stomach upset due to consuming contaminated water. 

However, as expected, this won’t cure the illness as you continue to consume the contaminated water unknowingly. So, if you doubt your household water is contaminated when you fall sick, make sure to carry out a coliform bacteria test at the earliest instead of consulting a doctor. 

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