City Water Testing in Leesburg, VA

You may recall when Flint, Michigan made nationwide headlines and the Red Cross had to deliver bottled water

You may recall when Flint, Michigan made nationwide headlines and the Red Cross had to deliver bottled water in by the truckload after the EPA declared Flint’s municipal water system hazardous. Unfortunately, the situation in Flint hasn’t altered much since the headlines subsided.

Although the water quality has improved, it is still far from optimum. Worse, there are over a thousand cities around the nation with water issues that are considerably worse than those in Flint. That is why it is critical to do city water testing in Leesburg, VA.

The simple reality is that contaminants may enter public water systems in a variety of ways, so it’s important to test the water coming out of your faucet at regular intervals to know precisely what’s in the water you and your family are consuming.

In Leesburg, Virginia, we provide a full range of public water testing services. We provide a number of tests that address two key areas of concern. Here’s a short rundown of the many sorts of tests you might order, as well as the reasons you would want to:

Health Related Issues

People use our city water testing in Leesburg, VA for a variety of reasons, one of which is to ensure that the water they’re using is safe to drink. To that aim, we provide three tests that are intended to discover particular health dangers in the water you drink. We may check for the following:

Total Coliform Bacteria – These bacteria is a major cause of gastrointestinal problems. If you or family members are suffering from persistent gastrointestinal problems, it’s possible that the water you’re drinking is to blame. This test will either validate or disprove that theory.

This should be regarded as the industry standard for water safety testing. Note that if the sample you submit us fails this test, we will again test the sample for the presence of E-Coli bacteria automatically.

Lead- This is exactly the issue with Flint, Michigan’s water system. Although the lead was introduced by local automotive plants in this instance, many older houses in our neighborhood may have lead in their water due to aging pipes within the property. This test will reveal the precise amount of lead in your water.

Nitrates – If you live in a region with a lot of agricultural activity, the water you drink might easily contain a high quantity of nitrates. This test will be helpful to you to detect the amount of nitrates in your water.

Problems with Odor and Taste

Another typical reason individuals seeks out our city water testing in Leesburg, VA is because the water they’re drinking tastes strange. There are a number of probable causes, and the tests we give below will help you pinpoint the root of the issue.

pH – An extremely high or very low pH level affects the flavor of the water you drink. In addition, excessive pH levels may also damage your home’s pipes, allowing a number of harmful metals to leak into the water your family drinks. This fact makes pH tests a really significant examination.

Hardness – You’ve almost likely heard someone complain about their water being ‘hard.’ It’s an issue because it creates an unattractive scaly residue in your shower, tub, and sinks, and it also prevents soaps from lathering correctly.

Iron – A high quantity of iron in your water is the most likely cause a reddish-brown staining in your sinks, toilet, and tub. This test will establish that the presence of iron in your water is this problem’s primary cause.

Manganese – Like iron, a high manganese percentage in your home’s water can discolor your sinks, toilets, and baths, as well as any clothes you wash.

Sulfates – Does your water have a rotten egg odor to it? Sulfates are most likely to blame. This test will confirm that and determine the severity of sulfate levels in your water.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) – While a modest quantity of minerals in your water might be beneficial, if present in high concentration these minerals can drastically affect the flavor of the water you’re drinking, typically not in a positive manner. This test will reveal which minerals are present, as well as their concentrations.

If you’d want to know precisely what’s in the water you and your family are drinking, using our city water testing in Leesburg, VA is a straightforward procedure. It all begins with contacting our qualified specialist about your water. While doing this make sure you clearly state the characteristics and quality of your water, and the issues you’re most worried about.

Our professionals will now propose one or more tests that appear to be the greatest match for you. After that, we’ll give you the sample containers you need, as well as instructions on how to collect water samples and where to submit them for testing. We’ll get the results of the tests you request into your hands using the delivery option you pick once we get them.

Here’s a short rundown of the steps you’ll do while collecting water samples, regardless of the test you’re ordering:

  • Only use the sample collecting containers we supply.
  • If the seal on our sample container is damaged or the bottle is shattered, do not use it. We will mail you a replacement in such circumstances.
  • Remove the aerator filter from the faucet from which you’ll be taking a sample.
  • Soak a cotton ball in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes.
  • Use this to clean the interior and outside of the faucet to ensure it is clear of contaminants.
  • Let cold water run free for about five minutes before collecting the sample.
  • Open the collecting container without touching the insides.
  • Fill the collecting container with water until it reaches the 125 mL mark.
  • Replace the cap and tighten it.
  • Write your name on the container
  • Keep your sample chilled or frozen until it is transported to the lab or drop-off facility closest to you.

It’s as simple as that!

Another fact that many people are unaware of is that if you acquire your water from a public source, your supplier has no legal or other responsibility to deliver high-quality drinking water to you and your family. It merely needs to supply clean drinking water, but as the instance of Flint, Michigan shows, sometimes even that isn’t enough.

As a result, it’s perfectly conceivable that your water is safe under the EPA’s guidelines, but that it’s of poor quality. There are a lot of things you can do to enhance the quality of the water your family drinks.

However, the first step is to figure out what’s causing the water quality to deteriorate in the first place. The only way to determine that is to let your water be tested by professionals in a highly reputed water testing laboratory you can trust such as Joiner Microlabs. We also do well water and wastewater testing, so no matter what your requirements are, we’ve got you covered.

To us, your family’s well-being means more than anything else. As a result, we take great pride in our work and love to collaborate with you to make sure the water coming out of your faucets are free of contaminants. If you are not sure where to begin or you have never conducted a water testing, there is no need to worry. Our highly trained professionals will direct you to the tests you need to acquire a complete picture of what’s in the water you’re drinking, allowing you to make an informed decision about its safety and quality.

We are a family-owned company that has been proudly servicing the area since 1991, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most accurate scientific data possible. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you feel that your family’s water supply is in danger. To contact us, please fill out the contact form on our website. As soon as you’ve completed this step, one of our experts will contact you to address any questions or concerns you may have about city water testing in Leesburg, VA.

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