Public Water System Testing in Purcellville, VA

If you are having city water supply at home, the chances are that you might have altogether ignored

If you are having city water supply at home, the chances are that you might have altogether ignored about testing the water quality you receive from the city. This is because most of the average homeowners believe that it’s the city’s responsibility to provide clean drinking water, so there’s no reason for testing it.

However, things are not quite that simple.  Even though municipalities are mandated to provide their citizens with safe water, which is free of contaminants, they sometimes fail to do so.  If you look at the EPA’s data on the subject, you can see that more than one thousand towns across the country have serious water issues that make it dangerous for human consumption.

For example, if you consider Flint Michigan, you can see that their water quality has only recently reached the point where it is regarded as safe to drink. You might have observed significant differences between the water quality in different places if you’ve lived in several different places. In some areas, it tastes almost sweet, cold, and delicious. In other areas, it may have a foul odor and bitter aftertaste. 

First, you have to be aware of what is causing the exact problem to fix these issues. This is where our public water system testing in Purcellville, VA, can help you.  If you’re not happy with the water quality you receive and worry that it’s not safe to drink, make sure to test it.

Here are some of the water tests we offer at Joiner Micro Lab as part of our public water system testing service.

Sulfates – If the water you receive at your home smells like rotten eggs, you need to test the levels of sulfates in it.

Iron – If your sinks, tub, and toilets are often seen stained in a reddish-brown color, you may be having high levels of iron concentration in your water.  

Manganese – Like iron, manganese will also stain your sinks, tub, and toilets. It will also stain the clothes you wash.

pH – High pH levels can cause corrosion in the pipes in your home, which can lead to different dangerous metals to leach into the water your family relies on.  

Hardness – If you are receiving hard water at your home, it can cause an unsightly scaly residue build up in your tub, shower, and sinks. Hard water also prevents soaps from lathering up properly.

Total Dissolved Solids – This is also an essential test because if minerals are present in high concentrations in the public water system, it can alter the taste of the water you drink. 

In short, we offer a variety of water tests specially designed to identify the causes of most water quality issues.  If you want to improve the water quality at your home, take advantage of our public water system testing in Purcellville, VA, by calling us today!

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