The majority of Marshall, Virginia residents, don’t bother checking their city’s municipal water supply. Yet, living in town and using “city water,” would imply that the quality of the water is being monitored. And you believe that these people have a responsibility to ensure that you have access to safe drinking water. However, this remark can be true or false depending on who has been given the job. These are several reasons why public water system testing in Marshall, VA, is so critical.

Yes, the city employs people to ensure that the water coming from your tap is safe to drink. These people are in charge of that. In other words, it’s their responsibility to make sure you don’t die as a result of it. Plus, some cities don’t do enough to ensure the safety of the municipal water supply even when they go above and beyond that minimum standard. Ask anyone in Flint, Michigan, for example.

To single out the incident in Flint is unfair since, despite generating national headlines, the EPA reports claim that over a thousand cities around the country have water problems that are just as severe, if not worse.

Considering this, trusting the people in control of your local water supply is a bad idea. They may be good at their job, but do you really want to bet your family’s well-being and safety on a hunch? We won’t say that is a good idea. As the saying goes, better be safe than sorry. So, get your water tested as soon as possible if you rely on the municipal water system for your day-to-day water needs.

Most people rely on facts and figures, so if you’re one of them, we recommend having the water from your tap tested once a year at the very least. If you’re curious about the quality of the water you drink, this gives you access to a history of test results that you can use to see what’s changed.

Remember that not all water has the same composition. If you’ve done a lot of traveling, you almost certainly know this. Some places are known for their ‘excellent water,’ so to speak. It has a clean, fresh flavor and doesn’t have an off-putting odor. In contrast, the water in other locations isn’t usually so great. Even though it won’t kill you, drinking it isn’t something you’ll look forward to, which is why public water system testing in Marshall, VA, is routinely tested also for issues of quality.

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