Do you get your water from a town supply, or from a well or spring somewhere on your property?  Either way, when was the last time you took advantage of our well water testing services in Centreville, VA?

If you get your water from the town’s supply, you may feel that testing is unimportant because the town has people who do that sort of thing.  The reality is that they do and they don’t.  While it’s true that municipalities are mandated to provide safe drinking water to the citizens they serve, the way the EPA defines “safe” is so broad that it basically means water that won’t instantly kill you when you drink it.  

That’s not terribly reassuring, but yes, the town has people, and if you want to be sure your water is safe, you should probably still get it tested regularly, just to be safe.

If you get your family’s water from a well on your property, there are no people.  You’re on your own when it comes to ensuring water safety, so taking regular advantage of our well water testing services in Centreville, VA is more important than ever.  We recommend taking advantage of those services at least once a year, and again any time you think you may have a problem.

We offer a dozen different tests that check for a wide range of contaminants.  Broadly speaking, these fall into two categories; water quality-related and health-related.

Quality issues include things like water that:

  • Has a foul smell or a funky, unpleasant taste
  • Leaves discolored rings around your sinks, tubs, showers and toilets
  • Stains your teeth and clothing
  • Has a strong, earthy, bitter flavor
  • And more

In terms of contaminants that are dangerous to your health, the most common pollutants we see in the area include nitrates in areas with lots of agricultural activity, lead, and coliform bacteria, all of which can make you sick, and if the concentration is high enough, they can even kill.

Water safety is something you don’t want to take any chances with.  The average human can only get by without potable water for about three days, so if you think you’ve got a problem, then the time to test is now.

As the largest and most respected independent lab in the region, we can help with that.  Let us help you get to the root of whatever issues you’re having.  Let us give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing there’s nothing in your water that shouldn’t be there, or that if you had a problem and took corrective action, that action was successful.

Our well water testing service in Centreville, VA is fast and reliable and waiting for you.