How long has it been since you took advantage of our water testing services in Centreville, VA?  If you can’t remember the date, then odds are good that it’s been too long.  In fact, many people have never had their water tested.

That’s a pity because utilizing our water testing services in Centreville, VA provides you with a raft of powerful advantages.

The simple truth is that even if your water doesn’t smell or taste funny, it’s possible that there’s some type of contaminant in it.  Testing is how you make sure, and once you know for certain that there’s nothing in your water supply that shouldn’t be there, that gives you tremendous peace of mind.

In addition to that, if there is a problem with your water, testing is how you identify the root cause of the issue.  Once you know that, it’s usually a fairly straightforward process to take corrective action.

Finally, taking regular advantage of our water testing services in Centreville, VA gives you a detailed profile of your water and what’s in it.  Each time you test again, you add to the body of data you have available, which allows you to track changes over time and spot potential problems with your water while they’re still small and generally more easily corrected.

As the largest independent lab in the region, we offer a dozen different water tests that cover a wide range of issues, both quality- and health-related, so whatever issue you’re having with your water, we’ve almost certainly got a test for that.  Our recommendation is that you have your water tested at least once a year, and then, any time you suspect you might have an issue. 

In terms of water quality, we can help you track down the root cause for issues that cause your water to stain your teeth and clothing, leaves scaly residues on your faucets, or threatens to permanently discolor your sinks, tubs, and toilets, in addition to dealing with issues of bad tastes and smell.

On the health-related front, the most common pollutants we see in people’s water supply are high concentrations of nitrates, lead, and coliform bacteria, all of which can make you sick, and in some cases, even kill.

If you’re not sure what test or tests you need, not to worry.  Just give our lab a call and speak with one of our technicians, describing, as best you can, the issue or issues you’re having.  Based on your description, the technician you speak with will be able to guide you toward the test or tests that will lead you to the root cause.

When you’re ready to test, give us a call.  We’d be more than happy to assist.