How long has it been since you took advantage of our water testing services in Berryville, VA?

Even if you live in town and get your water from the municipal water supply, we recommend having the water coming out of your tap tested once a year so you can ensure that there’s nothing lurking in it that could cause your family harm.  Testing is also important if you’re unhappy with any aspect of your water quality.

A lot of people scoff at the idea of worrying about water quality, but it matters a lot more than most people think.  If you’ve moved around a good bit over the course of your life, you’ve probably experienced this firsthand.  The water in some places just tastes better than it does in others, and if you’re not happy with the way your water smells or tastes, or if it has the nasty habit of leaving stains on your clothing or in your sinks and tubs, you can fix that and our water testing service in Berryville, VA plays an important role in that process.

After all, you can’t fix it until you know what’s wrong and that’s what regular testing does for you!

Of course, there’s more to our testing service than just improving water quality.  Sometimes, the water you rely on can be hazardous to your health and our water testing service in Berryville, VA can test for a variety of potential hazards, including lead, total coliform bacteria and nitrates, all of which can make you and your family sick.

To make sure your water doesn’t contain anything you don’t want your family to ingest, we recommend having your water supply tested right away to give you a baseline, and again once a year so you can track the changes over time.

If you live in town, you might think you don’t have to worry about it because water quality is something that the city takes care of.

There’s some truth in that, but municipal water supplies don’t have a perfect track record.  You probably remember reading all about Flint, Michigan’s water issues and that was city water too!  Worse, Flint isn’t a unique case.  In fact, according to the EPA, right now, there are more than a thousand communities scattered all across the nation with problems as bad as, or even worse than the issues Flint was having.  

The problems there got so bad that people were getting sick and the Red Cross had to start trucking bottled water in until they could get a handle on things.  All that to say that just because you live in town, that doesn’t mean your water doesn’t have issues or couldn’t be improved.  That’s why testing and verification is so important!