If you’re a business owner, you might be aware of the Environmental Protection Agency guidelines regarding the water condition you are allowed to release into rivers and streams.  Gone are the days when companies could dispose of raw, untreated waste into waterways. 

The requirements of initial water treatment vary depending on the type of business you are running.  For example, mining companies have to treat wastewater very differently than manufacturing companies, which have to treat wastewater entirely differently from logging concerns. In short, whatever business you are in, waste water testing in Warrenton, VA, is crucial for the deep-rooted success of your business.

First and foremost, understand you have a moral responsibility of being a good corporate citizen because you and the people who work for you live in a community, and you certainly don’t want to pollute the area you are living in. Regular water testing will help to ensure that your business is in compliance with and is abiding by the latest Federal guidelines.

Not only does that improve your moral side, but when the general public comes to know that you’re taking extra steps for being a good corporate citizen, your customers will also be impressed by it. This means you will get even more business, which you can consider as a positive side effect of doing the right thing.

Another reason for carrying out regular waste water testing is to ensure that you comply with the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities as far as waste water treatment is concerned. Always keep in mind that the government dedicated inspectors for testing the water you release into rivers and streams. If by any chance, they discover that you’re not treating your waste water property, you will have to pay hefty fines.

Remember, if you are unable to pay fines levied by the government, you may even have to close your business. However, all this can be avoided by simply committing to regular wastewater testing. Joiner Micro Lab can help you with this.  We are the area’s most trusted lab who can test your wastewater whenever you feel like it, ensure compliance, and help you avoid the potential hefty fines.

Never take chances when it comes to the safety of the area you live in and with your company’s future.  If you want to do waste water testing in Warrenton, VA, give our office a call. Apart from these compliance tests, we also provide testing facilities for the water you use at home for any potential contaminants. Over the years, Joiner Micro Lab has built a quality, steadfast and reliable reputation. Whatever your water testing needs are, make sure to contact us.