Do you own or manage a manufacturing business of any kind?  If so, then odds are good that at some point in your process, you’re generating waste water.  Naturally, the government has all sorts of rules and regulations concerning how and in what condition waste water can be released back into the local water table.

For you, the business owner, that almost certainly means a hefty investment in water treatment technologies to filter and purify the water you use before you shunt it back into the river or do whatever you normally do with it.

Here’s the thing though:  You need to be absolutely sure that the water  you just treated is clean enough to pass the government safety regs and standards for your business.  If there’s any doubt whatsoever, it could cost you your business because the EPA has been known to levy steep fines against polluters, and that’s a fight you don’t want or need.  That’s why our waste water testing service in Purcellville, VA is so important.  Put simply, we can help make sure you are, and remain in compliance.

Without knowing what business you’re in, we can’t recommend a specific test for you, but our lab is the best and most respected independent lab in the region, and we offer a wide range of tests.  Ultimately then, it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, we’ve got you covered, and if you’re not sure what test or tests you need, just let us know that and our knowledgeable technicians can ask a few well-directed questions and gain a firm understanding of the tests that will help keep you compliant.

Our recommendation would be to take advantage of our waste water testing service in Purcellville, VA now, at your earliest convenience, in order to establish a baseline and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the water treatment equipment you’ve invested in is doing the job you thought it was doing.  Then, have your waste water re-tested at approximately one-year intervals.

Things change over time.  Equipment that was once functioning perfectly begins to wear out or break down.  Either of those things could have a negative impact on your water treatment efforts and quietly shift you out of compliance, which could set you up for a tremendous amount of trouble.

Periodic waste water testing in Purcellville, VA isn’t a process that business owners enjoy.  It’s not glamorous or headline making, but it is a necessary component of any business that generates any volume of waste water in their manufacturing process.  If that describes your business, give our lab a call today and let us help make sure you remain in compliance with all of the regulations surrounding waste water in your industry.