Do you depend on a private well or spring on your property for water you use to drink and other household purposes? In that case, you would surely benefit from our private water testing services in Haymarket, VA.

People who depend on the town water supply usually have an agency supposed to make sure the water you get is good enough for consumption. However, there is no such agency to help you if you are using a private well or spring on your property for your water needs in your household. You need to take this responsibility on your shoulders in such cases. Now, this being said, do you remember the last time you had your well water tested?

If you’re struggling to remember the exact date, it’s a sure indication that it’s been a long while, and it’s time to get it done as soon as possible. As a reputed water testing lab near Haymarket, VA, we recommend using our private water testing in Haymarket, VA, at least once a year. However, keep in mind that you may need additional testing if you notice any problems with the water sample you provide us for the testing.

Usually, there are two types of problems you come across with your well water: The water’s quality and safety.

Keep in mind that potential safety issues are the most critical concern compared to the water’s quality issues. This is because you or a family member may fall sick due to the contaminated drinking water. However, don’t forget that water quality issues are also important. After all, if your water stains your clothing or teeth and leaves ugly reddish rings in your sinks, bathtubs, and toilets or tastes or smells strange, you certainly don’t want to drink it.

By using our private water testing in Haymarket, VA, you will be able to identify the root causes of all of the issues described in brief above and then take corrective steps to resolve them.

If the water you get in your household has either a safety or quality issue, some people often ignore it and bring bottled water from the store for their daily needs. Keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution and a costly one too. Also, remember that the cost of the well or spring was also included in the property’s purchase price. This means you have already paid for it. This being the case, you have every right to get good quality water from that source.

So, in case you suspect a problem with your well or spring water, we can help you. Please fill the contact form on our website to contact us, and we will get back to you and guide you through the process.