City dwellers assume that since the authorities must test the water, drinking it is fine. You never consider testing the same at your home. If anything, you reckon that you have no role to play in the quality control chain. 

Regarding municipalities taking responsibility for water testing, you are right. Cities must provide residents with safe water. Being a public resource, occasionally, these tests are not carried out. Data from the EPA reveals that numerous towns across the US face severe water quality issues.

Flint, Michigan, is a case in point. For several months, residents consumed water that was dangerous for their health. Luckily, this problem has now been eradicated. The situation has improved slowly, and residents of Flint have no reason to worry about their health.

Water quality can change in an instant. One day it has a sweet and refreshing taste, while on the next, it has a bad odor. While doing laundry, you notice that there are stains in clothing. More stains occur in toilet bowls and kitchen sinks. You do not doubt in the mind that everything points to your water supply. However, you must understand the root of the problem if you are to succeed.

For town dwellers, water issues mainly affect quality. Our public water system testing in Middleburg, VA, comes in handy. What do we test?


  • Total dissolved solids


Water has minerals in it, and these are useful. However, too much of it changes the taste makes the water less desirable for drinking. By carrying out the total dissolved solids test, we can identify the minerals together with their concentrations. 


  • Iron test


Iron in water manifests through a reddish-brown color. You will see it in the bathtub, kitchen sinks, and toilet. Nonetheless, you cannot blame iron as the culprit without testing. An iron test will confirm the presence of the mineral as well as its concentration. 

Having obtained the results of the public water system testing in Middleburg, VA, you can now identify the contaminants. Usually, knowing the cause of a problem helps in finding a solution. We have two categories of tests, water quality and safety. 

Water is such an important resource, and you should never take it for granted. The water coming from your tap must be of good quality. Municipal authorities who are custodians of public water supplies owe citizens the duty of regularly monitoring what goes into people’s homes.

To improve quality, you must find the cause before acting. Many things can go wrong as it happened in Flint, Michigan. Our public water system testing in Middleburg, VA, exists for this purpose. We are always ready to serve your needs. Call us today and take the important step of monitoring your drinking water supply.