As a citizen whose home links to the city water supply, its quality is the least of your concern. Municipals have the mandate to check on water safety and quality. In most cases, they do a fine job, and we commend them.

If that was an accurate yardstick, why is it that residents of Flint, Michigan had issues? You will agree with us that not all public water systems get tested. Thankfully, we provide a public water system testing service in Nokesville, VA. It is a critical analysis that helps restore confidence in the water you drink, wash with, and cook.

Through the tests we conduct, we can target specific pollutants. Once the test results reveal their presence, we go further by showing you the details. We also compare with the recommended levels as per EPA guidelines. With such a report, you can derive conclusions. You either request the city council to fix the problem or handle it yourself.

Water quality is another critical aspect. An acidic or funny smell is a pointer that there is a problem. Also, each time you wash clothes, you notice that there are stains on the laundry. Other signs include reddish rings in the toilet bowl and clogged showerheads. Just request for the public water system testing service in Nokesville, VA. Its results will reveal the cause of stains, odor, and taste.

For water quality, we can conduct the following tests:

  • Hardness: Hard water does not lather properly. It also causes an accumulation of residue in sinks, bathtubs, and shower.
  • Iron: High iron concentrations in water supplies manifest through reddish-brown discolorations. By carrying out an iron test, we can confirm that it is the cause of stains on your plumbing.
  • pH: Water pH levels must be balanced. Suppose it is too high or too low, the water taste changes. Besides, a high pH corrodes pipes, which in turn causes leaching of metals. A pH test is an important quality check.
  • Total dissolved solids: Water contains minerals in different concentrations. However, too much of these minerals affect the natural taste of water. 
  • Sulfates: The smell of rotten eggs in water is an unpleasant one. If your water smells like this, it could be because of sulfates. A sulfate test will determine if that is the case.

As you can see, the public water system testing service in Nokesville, VA, consists of various tests. You cannot quickly tell which ones should come first or last. Always be confident that we have solutions. Contact our offices and speak to one of our technicians. Using their knowledge of health and water quality issues, they will guide on what to test. Usually, this will depend on the outcome you seek.