How long has it been since you took advantage of our public water system testing in Berryville, VA?  If you’re like many people, it may be something you hadn’t even considered.  After all, if you get your water from a municipal supply, they’ve ‘got people’ who do that kind of thing, don’t they?

The answer to that question is more complicated than you might think.  While it’s true that municipalities are obligated to ensure that the water they provide is safe to drink, there’s no similar mandate when it comes to water quality.

If you moved around a lot growing up, you know firsthand that water quality can vary widely from one place to another.  No doubt, the water coming out of the tap in some of the places you’ve lived was fantastic.  Cold, bracing and delicious.  In other places, not so much.  The water may have had a funny or bitter taste or a bad smell, or it may have left dark stains in your sinks, toilet and bathtub.  

Also, it’s worth mentioning that even though municipalities are mandated to provide safe drinking water to their customers, they don’t always succeed on that front either.  Remember when Flint, Michigan made national headlines?  The water in town was a genuine health hazard and yet, it came from a municipal supply.

It gets worse because Flint isn’t unique.  In fact, according to EPA statistics, right now, there are more than a thousand communities scattered all across the nation with water issues as bad as, or even worse than the problems Flint suffered through.  All that to say, for peace of mind if nothing else, our public water system testing service in Berryville, VA matters.

As the premier independent testing lab in the region, nobody can match the width and breadth of our service offering.  If you want to improve the taste and quality of the water coming out of your tap, we’ve got you covered, with tests that can identify everything from water hardness to the pH level, to total dissolved solids in your water.

If you’re worried that there might be something in the water your family relies on that’s making a member of your family sick, we can help with that too.  Our public water system testing service in Berryville, VA includes tests for nitrates, lead, and total coliform bacteria.  If there’s a problem lurking in your water, we can help you find it, and identification is the first step toward remediation.

We understand that the health of your family is something you don’t want to take any chances with.  We don’t blame you.  Give our office a call, and we’ll either give you peace of mind, or help you identify the problem.