Are you on city water?  If so, you probably don’t think much, if at all, about having your water tested.  In fact, you may not even be aware that we offer a variety of public water system testing services in Vienna, VA.  After all, why bother with testing?  The city has people to make sure the water’s okay, right?

Well, yes.  And no.

The city has a mandate to provide its residents with drinkable water, which is to say, water that won’t outright kill you or make you sick.  Anything beyond that is a bonus, and even then, oftentimes, municipalities fail miserably in their primary mission.  Remember Flint, Michigan?  The sad part is, although Flint made the headlines, there are more than a thousand other communities scattered across the nation that have water problems as bad as Flint’s, or even worse.

That’s why our public water system testing services in Vienna, VA are so important, because when it comes to your family’s health, you can’t afford to take any chances.  You need to know, with absolute certainty, that the water you’re relying on is safe to drink.

We offer a wide range of tests that cover both elements of water quality and health and safety.  While quality issues are obviously important, health and safety simply matter more and to that end, we’ll outline some of the hazards we test for below:

Total Coliform Bacteria – Coliform bacteria is one of the most common causes of gastrointestinal illnesses.  If you, or members of your family are experiencing chronic gastrointestinal issues, the water you’re drinking may be the culprit.  This test will either confirm that or rule it out.

This should be considered the standard water safety test.  Note that if the sample you send us fails this test, then we will automatically test further, for the presence of E-Coli bacteria.

Nitrates – If you live in an area where there’s lots of agricultural activity, you could easily have a high concentration of nitrates in the water you are drinking.  The results of this test will tell you if the level of nitrates in your water is a problem.  A high concentration of nitrates can lead to a variety of serious medical conditions and in extreme cases can even be fatal.

And Lead – This is the exact problem Flint, Michigan had with their water supply when the town made national news.  In their case, the lead was introduced by automotive plants in the area, but many older homes in our area may have lead in their water leeching in from older pipes inside the home itself.  This test will tell you exactly what the lead levels in your water are.

We’ve even seen a few cases where farms that relied on the heavy use of vehicles that ran on leaded gasoline in decades past wound up with high lead content in their private water supplies.

If you even suspect that the water coming out of your tap might be causing or contributing to a health issue in your family, don’t delay.  Call us right away and take advantage of our public water system testing services in Vienna, VA.  You’ll be very glad you did.