Water testing in Vienna, VA is one of those things that most people don’t think about until and unless there’s a problem.  Unfortunately, if you wait until there’s a problem bad enough to be noticed by everyone, you’re not doing yourself or your family any favors.  After all, at that point, whatever the issue is, it could be causing on contributing to major, and possibly even life threatening health problems.

In our view, far and away the superior approach is to take advantage of our extensive array of water testing services in Vienna, VA, at least once a year, and again any time you note a significant change in the taste, quality or appearance of your water.

By testing on an annual basis, it gives you a growing set of data you can compare current years to, to see what has changed, and to what degree.

Broadly speaking, you can break our water testing services in Vienna, VA into two distinct categories:  Tests designed to ensure water safety, and tests designed to enhance water quality.

Of the two, obviously keeping your family health and safe is the one that matters most, but don’t discount the importance of water quality!

After all, if you’ve lived in a number of different areas over the course of your life, you know that not all water is created equally.  Some is crisp and cold and bracing, while others has a swampy, decidedly unpleasant taste.  Some water tastes acidic, or has color and ‘hardness’ issues that can dramatically impact its quality.

In all of those cases, the water quality problems in question can be fixed, but of course, in order to know what to address, you’ve got to know what’s wrong in the first place, and that’s where we come in.

The bottom line is simply this:  If you even suspect that your water is causing or contributing to a health issue for one of your family members, you owe it to yourself to have your water tested right away.  Worst case, you’re right.  The water is bad and now you know what’s wrong with it, and can set about fixing it.

Best case, you rule out the water as the source of the problem and can continue searching for the actual cause.  There’s value in that too, and tremendous peace of mind in knowing that at least it’s not your water that’s at issue.

Finally, don’t think that just because you’re on city water that testing isn’t important.  It is!  Just ask the people who live in Flint, Michigan.  Unfortunately, there are more than a thousand instances just like Flint where city water systems are failing to deliver safe drinking water to the customers they serve.  That’s why it matters.