Owing to the distance from municipal water supply and other logistical challenges, rural homeowners have no choice but to obtain water from a well or spring. If you are such a person, you most likely do not think much about the water. The only time you do is at the onset or recurrence of a health problem. Did you know that we are a private water testing service provider in Middleburg, VA?

Problems associated with water consumption take time to manifest. By the time reality hits home, your water either looks nasty, or it has odor. No one in your household can drink it. More so, there is no government facility nearby to test and confirm your supply’s safety. Unlike public water supply facilities, private water well owners must seek for water testing services. The government does not step in on their behalf.

Going back to the question we posed earlier, the answer is a resounding yes. You may not have done this test before. We strongly urge you to act. Do not wait any longer. Arrange to have your water supply tested at once. After that, plan for a repeat at least once a year. In following such a pattern, you accumulate data that will come in handy for the future. If any change occurs in the water you drink, you will notice it early.

We are an independent private water testing service provider in Middleburg, VA. Our laboratories have a reputation for detailed and accurate results. Only by testing can you verify that your drinking water is problem-free. If the test comes out negative, you can rest assured that no household member is at risk. Also, a positive test is a reminder for you to take remedial measures.

We shall now give you a sneak peek of testing services we provide:

  • Sulfates test

Bad odor in water is a turn-off. In most cases, the smell of rotten eggs permeates. If you face this challenge, blame it on the presence of sulfates. A sulfate test puts any doubts to rest and makes you aware of the problem at hand.

  • Hardness test

When you use soap with hard water, it does not lather properly. Also, the water leaves residue in the sinks and bathtubs. Results from the test will help us ascertain the hardness levels. After that, you can take measures to stabilize the supply.

  • PH test

PH levels in water can either be high or low. High levels cause corrosion in pipes and affect the natural taste of water. 

As a private water testing service provider in Middleburg, VA, we highly recommend these tests. We are always ready to help you in the quest for water quality. You can quickly reach us on the phone.