Let’s talk about water.  The human body can survive about three days without it, so although most people living in the United States don’t spend much time thinking about where their water comes from, it’s actually a lot more important than you might think.

If you live in a rural area, odds are excellent that the water you and your family rely on comes from either a well or a natural spring located somewhere on your property, and as with most things, as long as it seems to be working, most people don’t worry much about it.  You turn on the tap, or flush the toilet and water appears like magic when you need it.  Done.

Something you might not realize is that there’s no government agency that goes around checking the quality of the water that comes out of wells and springs.  Things are different if you get your water from a town supply, but if it’s coming out of the ground on your property, nobody’s doing the least bit of checking.  The only way to make sure it’s safe is to take advantage of our private water testing services in Purcellville, VA from time to time.

If it’s been a while since you had your well tested, or if it’s been so long you actually can’t remember when the last time it was tested, we recommend having it done as soon as possible to give you a baseline and peace of mind.  Then, have your water re-tested every year.

There are all sorts of things that can happen to the water table that are totally outside your control and those things can and often do impact the water supplies of people drawing water from private sources.  That’s why testing is so important.  Bad water can make you extremely sick, or even kill you in extreme cases.

Private water testing in Purcellville, VA is also an important first step when it comes to improving water quality.  Sure, finding out if your water is laced with dangerous chemicals can kill is obviously important for health reasons, but water quality matters too.  Your water should be neutral tasting, cold and bracing.  If it’s not, if it leaves a bad or bitter taste in your mouth, if it smells funny, or if it stains your teeth and clothes, it’s a problem.  The good news is that you can do something about that.

By taking advantage of our private water testing service in Purcellville, VA, you’ll be able to zero in on exactly what’s causing whatever water quality problems you’re having and then make a plan to correct those issues and improve the taste and quality of the water you rely on.

You don’t have to just live with substandard water, and you shouldn’t.  We can help with that.  Call us today.