Do you live outside the city limits?  If you do, then odds are excellent that you’ve either got a well or spring on your property, or that you’re making use of a shared spring.  Either way, that’s where the water your family uses for drinking, cooking and bathing likely comes from.

That matters because if you have a private water source, there’s no government agency that exists to come around and make sure the water coming out of your faucets is safe to drink.  People who own their own water source are on the hook for doing that themselves.

It’s something most people don’t think about until and unless there’s a problem.  Unfortunately, you don’t want to wait until something bad happens to start paying attention to your water supply because if you do, then by the time things get to that point, it’s already too late.  Someone in your household has already gotten sick, or the water you rely on suddenly changes and becomes so foul smelling or tasting that you can’t choke it down and you’re suddenly reluctant to cook, clean, or bathe with it, much less drink it.  That’s why periodic private water testing in Front Royal, VA is so important.

This then, brings up a rather important question:  When was the last time you had the water from your spring or well tested?  If you don’t know, the safest course of action is to assume that you’re overdue and have it done right away.  This provides you with a number of benefits.  First, it gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing for certain that the water you’re relying on is safe and isn’t going to hurt anyone in your household.

Second, it gives you a baseline so that going forward, you’ve got something to compare against.  Third, if it turns out that there is a problem with your water supply, you can get to the root cause of the issue, which puts you in a position to being able to fix whatever’s wrong, making the water safe again.

Of course, private water testing in Front Royal, VA isn’t just about health and safety.  That matters a great deal, but water quality matters too, and if you’ve moved around even a little bit growing up, then you already know that water quality can vary quite a bit from one place to the other.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to just live with water that you don’t like the taste or smell of.  You don’t have to tolerate water that stains your teeth or leaves stains in your clothes when you do a load of laundry.  You can do something about all of those things but again, the first critical step is periodic private water testing on your Front Royal, VA property so you can figure out what’s causing whatever issue you’re having.  We can help with that.  Give our office a call today.