Living in the countryside means that you do not have access to a municipal water supply. In that case, water for your household needs comes from a spring or well. The said source is on your property.

In most instances, well water surpasses that from the city. However, water tables in the country get contaminated. By drinking water from such a source, you stand the risk of getting ill. In the worst circumstances, drinking contaminated water can result in death.

Normally, you would not spare second thoughts about water. You only pay attention to when problems occur. Such an approach is careless and risky. By knowing what your well or spring water contains, you stop worrying about its safety and experience peace.

We provide private water testing services in Middleburg, VA. Most residents of the area are now demanding the service. Has a member of your family fallen sick recently? Do you suspect tap water could be the cause of illness? If so, we have a solution. We have the skill and resources to confirm that there are pollutants. 

More so, we go further and identify the contaminants. If our testing results come out negative, we can ascertain that water is not the cause. From that point, you can divert your attention to other places. 

We provide three tests as follows: 


  • Test for Nitrates 


As mentioned at the onset, if you reside in the countryside the chances are that residents of the area practice agriculture. Water from areas with lots of farming taking place contains nitrates. The test for nitrates reveals two things: the presence of nitrates and their concentration levels. Interestingly, we receive many requests for private water testing services in Middleburg, VA.


  • Total Coliform Bacteria Test


Has any member of your family been diagnosed with a gastrointestinal illness? Do you constantly have to go to a doctor for gastrointestinal treatment? If yes, coliform bacteria could be the cause. We can point an accusing finger at your drinking water. However, you need not worry as the total coliform bacteria test will reveal the true status.


  • Test for Lead


Pipes installed in older homes contain lead. Also, the manufacture of automobiles releases lead as a waste product. In Flint, Michigan, there was a problem in the area’s water supply. Tests carried out revealed that Michigan’s automotive plants contaminated the water. Either way, when we carry out a lead test, we will know its levels in your water supply are safe or not.

In conclusion, we can assure you that our private water testing services in Middleburg, VA, are accurate. Also, the testing kit is not complicated. Do not hesitate to give us a call. We are ready to assist you in restoring confidence in your water supply.