Companies that operate in the manufacturing or service industries must use water. The same case applies to households. In the process of consumption, you will encounter regulations on its supply, testing, quality, etc. Fortunately, municipalities should provide citizens with water that is of the required quality.

However, administrators of these public utilities do not always follow regulations. Flint, Michigan, is a case in point. EPA informs that thousands of towns across the US have similar problems. While the city water supply has people entrusted with checking for safety, you also have a role to play.

Living in the countryside means that you are not connected to a municipal supply. Either you draw water from a well sunk on your property or derive it from a nearby spring. Knowing what is in the water you consume would be great. We provide water testing services in Nokesville, VA, and it is beneficial.

Many homeowners come to us seeking our help hence the high demand. We are a certified water testing laboratory. We can speak authoritatively about this since we have operated for over 25 years. Our mantra is always to provide our clients with top-notch services. We ensure that your family, livestock, or residents are consuming safe water.

What does it entail to sign up for water testing services in Nokesville, VA? The process is a simple one, and the steps are as follows:

  • Get in touch: Call our offices where a consultant will take you through the test you need. Once we get past the formalities and you have chosen a test, we will send you a postage box.
  • Sample collection: In the postage box you receive, you will find a special container. Use it to collect a sample from your well. After that, please send it back to us.
  • We run the test: After your sample arrives, we get to work immediately and run the specified test. A few days later, we send the results via email.

Results from our water testing services in Nokesville, VA, might come out positive for the test in question. From there, your next step would be to contact the local Health Department. Once you implement the solutions provided, you must test the water again. This time, you want to verify that the contaminant levels are not as highly concentrated, as was the case earlier.

We recommend regular testing for well water. Once a year is an ideal starting point as it will give an initial foundation. After that, you can schedule for quarterly tests until you are sure that the problem is contained. Do not wonder. Let us help you for the sake of your family’s health. Besides, you are better off knowing than working with assumptions.