Most Vienna, VA, residents devote little consideration to testing public water systems. After all, if you live in town and consume “city water,” you’d think they’d have someone monitoring the water quality. And you believe it is their responsibility to guarantee that you have clean drinking water. This statement is both wrong and right, depending on the persons assigned to the task. This is why contrary to popular belief, public water system testing in Vienna, VA, is considerably more important than most people realize.

True, the city employs people for this purpose, and these people are in charge of ensuring that the water coming from your tap is safe to drink. That is, it is their responsibility to guarantee that it does not kill you. Anything more is a bonus, and even then, some municipalities do a terrible job of ensuring the safety of the municipal water supply. For instance, ask anyone in Flint, Michigan.

What is far worse is that what happened in Flint, Michigan is not an isolated incident. It indeed received national attention and shocked people all around the US. As a matter of fact, the EPA claims that over a thousand cities around the country have water problems that are just as serious, if not worse, than Flint’s.

All of this suggests that it’s probably not a good idea to believe that the people in charge of the municipal water supply you use are doing a great job. They might be. Everyone hopes they are but do you want to bet your family’s health and safety on blind hope?

Most people will go with facts and figures, and if that’s the case for you, we recommend having your tap water tested at least once every 12 months. This gives you a set of test results that allow you to track changes in the water you drink over time and compare the current year’s water quality to prior years to see what has changed.

Keep in mind that not all water is created equal. If you’ve travelled a lot, you almost certainly have direct knowledge of this. Some areas have ‘good water.’ It’s fresh, clean, and doesn’t have an off-putting aftertaste. The water in other areas, on the other hand, isn’t usually as good. It may be foul-smelling and may have a bitter taste. Indeed, it won’t kill you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like drinking it, which is why we prioritize quality problems in our public water system testing in Vienna, VA.

We can assist you if you want to test the water you use at your home. All you have to do is fill out our website’s contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.