There has been an unforeseen increase in population during the past decade. It has led to a corresponding rise in wastewater quantity. This demanded more efficient wastewater management methods to remove pollutants and their by-products from the wastewater.

The problem is, each removal method works differently. What can efficiently eliminate one contaminant may not work for another. This makes it critical for us to embrace inventive wastewater testing protocols because results from such analysis will provide valuable information required to implement successful wastewater management practices.

Generally speaking, wastewater tests can be divided into four main categories:

  • Carbon-based or organic compounds: As the name suggests, this test measures the concentration of organic compounds in wastewater.
  • The concentration of particular nutrients: These tests are carried out to measure the levels of targeted nutrients, such as nitrogen and phosphorus, contributing to the water contamination.
  • The concentration of solids: These tests measure how long it takes the solids in wastewater to dissolve in wastewater and their concentration levels.
  • Physical characteristics such as odor, pH levels, and temperature: These tests measure how these factors directly impact the wastewater treatment process.

Keep in mind that, even though these tests are broadly classified into different categories, they can overlap in many ways. This means, depending on your precise goals, you may need to conduct more than one test for one sample. At Joiner Micro Labs, we possess the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best testing method for your particular situation.

Why Choose Us for Wastewater Testing in Middleburg, VA?

To act in accordance with the EPA regulations, companies that produce wastewater require the service of a reliable and accurate water testing laboratory such as Joiner Micro Laboratories. We are one of Virginia’s leading authorities in wastewater testing. Our clients include governmental agencies, wastewater facilities, and more.

Also, note that we are a Virginia NELAP Accredited Laboratory that does wastewater testing for various Middleburg VA companies. We’ve been in business for almost three decades now, and we assure high-quality services to all our clients that ensure the safety of their water systems. Apart from wastewater testing, we also offer private well testing and public water compliance testing. 

We make the wastewater testing process quick and easy. Here are the steps involved:

  • Call us, and one of our technicians will help you to choose the right test for you. The test will arrive at your address in less than a week, along with a postage-paid box. 
  • Collect a sample of the wastewater you want to be analyzed using our special container and send it back to us. 
  • Our experts will analyze the samples and email you the results in less than a week. 

Call us today to see how we can help with your wastewater testing in Middleburg, VA.