Should my Berryville, VA home water be tested

Do you, like the majority of people who reside in Berryville, Virginia, often find yourself wondering, “Should My

Do you, like the majority of people who reside in Berryville, Virginia, often find yourself wondering, “Should My Berryville, VA, Home Water Be Tested?”  It’s possible that a number of other water-related problems you’ve been having may have prompted you to ask such a query. You could have, for instance, overheard a neighbor expressing concern about the safety and quality of the water supplied to them at their property.

If you do not have the water in your house examined by trained professionals, there is no way to know for certain whether it is appropriate for human consumption. It is important to remember that if you and your family drink water directly from the faucet without first determining whether it is safe, you and your family may be jeopardizing your health.

To put it another way, you put yourself in danger of contracting a broad range of dangerous illnesses, including damage to your kidneys, liver, and brain, and the possibility of obtaining cancer. You may, however, be certain that the water sample you submit will be investigated in great depth if you work with highly experienced specialists like Joiner Micro Labs. In this case, you will be able to interact with these experts. Now, let’s go back to the question you posed earlier in our discussion.

Should My Berryville, VA, Home Water Be Tested? 

As was noted before, several chemical pollutants present in your water source may, over time, create significant health concerns. The real risk, on the other hand, is that the symptoms of these conditions could not appear until several years after the first exposure to the pollutant. As a consequence, by the time the illness is identified, you can already be in a bad state health-wise, making treatment more challenging.

The following is a list of typical problems our laboratory often finds in the samples of drinking water that customers send us.

  • Ions

There is a possibility that unusual ions in your home’s water supply, such as chloride, magnesium, or others, are to blame for the peculiar odor and taste of the water. It is possible to determine whether these ions are present in your water supply by simply analyzing the ion concentration.

  • Sulfate

Due to the correlation between excessive sulfate in your water supply and gastrointestinal problems, we always prioritize sulfate testing.

  • Dissolvable Solids

This test aims to establish whether the water sample you provided contains any inorganic chemicals. There is a possibility that high levels of dissolved solids are the cause of your well water’s unpleasant aftertaste if you drink it.

  • Fluoride 

The fluoride concentration in a given water sample may be determined using this test. Oral health may be improved when fluorides are present in concentrations below the ideal range. However, elevated levels of fluoride can cause a problem for your teeth.

Have you considered doing a water test on your water source? If yes, please submit your information by filling out our website’s contact form. You may be certain that one of our professionals will contact you as quickly as possible.

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